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The Society of FBI Alumni, Inc.

Organized in 1973 Exclusively for Former Employees of the FBI.
The FBI is the buildings and computers, the Bureau is the family of pride and spirit, which one never leaves.
Provides a Means for Communication and Fellowship for its Members.

The Society of FBI Alumni, Inc. traces its roots to a “lunch bunch” organized in 1973 in Washington, D.C., for former FBI employees to maintain and to develop new friendships, to support Federal, state and local law enforcement causes, and to contribute to charitable organizations.  This group developed over the years to a national federation of 26 chapters and over 1200 members.  Liaison continues to be maintained with FBI Headquarters, FBI Field Offices, and the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, Inc.

Today the Society is governed by an Executive Board consisting of seven officers and six Regional Vice Presidents representing six geographical locations across the U.S.  Any former employee who completed one year of successful service is eligible to join.

In addition to Chapter activities, the Executive Board meets during the spring and at the annual convention held during the late summer or fall.  All members are encouraged to attend these meetings whenever possible.