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Winter Issue of The Informant

The winter issue of The Informant is available. Go to Publication/Current Issue to see. You must be a member of to see it.

Spring Meeting

The Society Spring Board meeting has been scheduled for April 19 (arrival date) to April 22 (departure date) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More details will be provided in the near future as it becomes available. 

9/11 Responder Benefit

Log in to see a letter from Headquarters concerning 9/11 Responder Benefits.

FBI Re-employment

The FBI’s National Name Check Program in Winchester, VA is seeking to identify former FBI employees who are interested in reemployment with the FBI as members of the FBI Reserve Service Program (RSP). Click here for the full announcement.

Associate Membership

The Society of the FBI Alumni Inc. is now offering Associate Membership to current FBI employees.


New bylaws available

The Society Executive Board has been presented with proposed revisions to the Society and Foundation Bylaws. These amendments are being made as a result of the Board’s recent decision to allow current FBI employees to become associate members of the Society. These amended bylaws will be presented for approval by members attending the Society Annual Business Meeting on August 27, 2016.

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