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Welcome to the FBI Alumni Foundation page. We are the separate, charitable arm of the Society of FBI Alumni, Inc., formed in 1985 to benefit Society members in need and their families. The Foundation is exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code and is funded by donations, endowments, and memorials. Naturally, donations are always welcome!

In the beginning of each year, we solicit applications for educational grants from members and their family members, e.g., children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews. Foundation Board members review, rate and rank the applications and make decisions regarding the awards to be made during the Foundation’s spring board meeting. Students receiving grants are identified in summer issue of The Informant and, in the fall, checks are made payable jointly to the students and their respective schools.

Members in need or anyone who knows a member in need may contact me directly for advice and assistance. The program is confidential so I will, to the extent possible, work directly with the member him or herself. No publicity is afforded beneficiaries of this program.

Anyone who has been a Society member for at least one year is eligible to apply for or to sponsor a relative for an educational grant or to request member-in-need assistance.

In accordance with our charter, the Foundation also makes one or more donations during the year to other charitable organizations. The Boy Scouts of America, the Wounded Warriors, and the American Cancer Society are a few examples of those selected for awards.

If you have any questions concerning the Foundation, please contact me at ctschudy@aol.com.

For your convenience, you may click below to download a Foundation donation form.

Donation Form

Carol R. Tschudy,
Foundation President